Swap Magic 3.6 CD DVD (para PS2).zip


Swap Magic 3.6 CD DVD (para PS2).zip >> http://tinyurl.com/y8zafyud




















































burn to dvd or cd open nero and select dvd or cd and click burn image to disc and after burning put on your ps2 it works and for more like usb ... PS2 - Swap Magic - 2-Disc Set - NTSC - CD & DVDIt is not an old GameDexterity video re-uploaded..To verify if your game is CD or DVD format, right click on the disc and go to ... without chip and ..Swap Magic v3.6, es similar a la version 3.3, pero ahora permite la carga de aplicaciones a traves de USBRead Below*** Note: This is a brand new video in the name of vstPower..PS : I have the Swap Magic 3.6 CD+DVD (para PS2).zip downloaded. Feb 2, 2013 .. GO TO ULAUNCH AND FIND WHERE YOU PUT SWAPMAGIC 3.8 CODERExtract the USB Advance zip file that you downloaded earlier into its own folder...Contenido Del ".rar": usb extreme.txt ; usb-advance.bin ... ELF FROM USB TO PS2 MEMORY CARD BOOT FOLDER USING ULAUNCH ..IMPORTANT: For this guide, I will be using Swap Magic 3.6 CD to boot the ....:-) Swap Magic 3.6 ... May 19, 2009 ..El paquete incluye el CD versión 3.6 y DVD version 3.6 sets of Swap Magic 2.0 DVD & 3.0 CD, 3.6 DVD & CD and 3.8 coder DVD & CD,  ... [How To] Boot Games Off USB (External Hard Drive) With Playstation 2 (PS2) · Jan 12 ..


Swap Magic 2 allows you to boot up your own ... 28 May 2013 ..CODER SWAPMAGIC 3 PLUS, USA VERSION 3.8Swap Magic is a specialized PlayStation 2 game disc used for tricking the console into reading ..The IFPI on a DVD can be found on the inner ring on the underside (data side) of the disc, before the start of data in the mirror part of the disc's ... I want to use that swapmagic usbextreme Trick.. 487462e4f8

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